What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

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Wedding Wednesday with Em Series | Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

This post has been at the top of the list for my brides for quite some time! I have had so many of my couples ask me for ideas and tips for engagement sessions. I know this may sound like a weird thing to have trouble with because how hard can it be to pick out two outfits? There are thousands of places to find unique pieces and clothes these days and we can’t forget Pinterest for inspiration. When there are so many options it can make this decision hard! If you don’t narrow down your search it is quite difficult to choose even one outfit! If you narrow down your search a bit it makes it so much easier to find outfits that not only fit your specific style but also your personality! So to help my brides, here are my top 10 tips and ideas to help choose an outfit for engagement photos!

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Two Outfits

I recommend my couples plan out two outfits for an engagement session. They usually arrive wearing their classier look so we can finish up with a more relaxed and casual look. These two looks provide the perfect amount of variety for the final gallery. I know that not everyone likes dressing up but an engagement session is the perfect excuse to get dolled up and show off your fancier side!


What’s important about coordinating is making sure you both stand out but look cohesive! If you both are wearing jeans and white tops no one stands out or looks cohesive. You want your personalities and your individual style to be the focus. So creating cohesive outfits is important for these photos. I know for James and I, we have different tastes in clothing so I can understand if this is difficult to accomplish. That’s why I included the rest of these tips to help narrow down your decision!

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Colors & Neutrals

I LOVE pops of color! My favorite color is teal/turquoise/blues but sometimes those colors can make an image look darker in an image than I planned. If you love a good color pop in your photos (like I do!) then add your bright colors!! If you like a darker color then choose a lighter shade so that your image stays bright and airy. Neutrals are also an option to keep your images bright and airy. If you want a soft feminine look neutrals will be your best friend! Neutrals are the easiest thing to match and look cohesive. If you have a color scheme you love then play around with textures and patterns to make you both stand out. I have had several couples wear the same color but have different textures to add variety to the look!


Patterns can give outfits a beautiful color variety and can showcase your style. The only thing to look out for is to avoid very thin stripes and tiny little patterns smaller than a dime (Usually this affects men’s shirts). Tiny patterns create odd effects through the camera and tiny stripes can make your outfit look strange in a photo. I always welcome fun patterns but remember to look cohesive. If one of you has a super “busy” shirt then other one should probably wear a plain shirt with a cohesive color. This keeps both of you standing out from one another but also links your outfits! 

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Save the Date

Almost all my couples use their engagement photos for their Save The Dates! So with that in mind, consider choosing a theme to create an over all feel that represents your wedding day. If you have a wedding theme of pink and choral florals then try incorporating a floral pattern or those colors to share a peek into your wedding day! Choosing a theme can really help you narrow down your outfit decision. 

Same Level of Fanciness

This tip plays a big part in making your looks cohesive. It is so important for you two to have a similar level of fanciness in your outfits. For example, it would look odd if your man were in shorts, flip flops, and a simple T-shirt and you were in a bright red dress with high heels. It just wouldn’t look right! So make sure your fancy and casual outfits are each going to the same “party” (if that makes sense).

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I love this one! Accessories can make plain outfits pop and have personality. I definitely recommend finding a statement piece necklace, bracelets, rings or earrings to dress up a solid color top for my brides. For my grooms, wearing a tie, watch, class ring, etc are perfect ways to dress up an outfit! Depending on the time of year scarves and jackets can be considered an accessory. So bringing a nice fur court (or borrow your moms) and a nice manly leather jacket (James’ favorite!) can add the perfect touch to your winter look!


Dress for the weather! We will be outside for the entire session so definitely dress to be comfortable! If it is a colder fall session and you show up in short sleeves be prepared to freeze. However, we don’t need you catching a cold for the photos so consider adding a nice jacket to your look! For our warmer sessions we definitely recommend  wearing cooler outfits with brighter colors. Dark colors like dark blues, purples, greens, blacks, etc not only make your images darker but hold heat which can make you even more hot! 

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What Flatters You Most

So this one is probably the MOST important tip I have for you. Let me start by saying I have a hard time with this! We are our own worst critic. In every photo of myself I struggle with picking things out that I don’t like about myself or my outfit. These engagement photos are so important for you both and I want you to LOVE your images. However, if you hate your arms (join the club) then please don’t wear a tank top showcasing your arms. Even if you love your outfit you’ll see your arms in the photos and think “yuck do my arms really look like THAT?!” How do I know this? Because I do this all the time.

To look and feel confident in your photos you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. So as you finalize your 2 looks make sure you like how you look from multiple angles. If you only like a certain angle or if you are constantly tugging to make it look good then that is probably not the best. You also know what styles and fabrics look best and flatter your figure. I know this session is probably making you nervous enough, you don’t want to have to remember to stand a certain way or fluff your shirt each pose so your clothes look flattering.

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Michael always says "K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid." Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.

- Dwight K. Schrute

Ok joking aside, I know that I just listed a TON of tips and advice and probably overwhelmed you a bit. Just know that it is completely normal to be nervous for the shoot and to be particular when choosing your outfit. If you’re thinking, “Emily, this is overwhelming and I don’t even like accessories” well, thats ok! If jewelry isn’t your thing then don’t go out and buy all the bling! If you love wearing dresses and hate pants then choose both a casual and classy dress to wear! These are just tips and ideas for your engagement session outfit inspiration so hopefully this helps you! Just remember to keep it simple and keep it you! This engagement session is all about you two deciding on forever so let’s make it fun and memorable!

Until next time,