Derrick + Kayla

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An Octagonal Barn Wedding in Staunton, Virginia | Virginia Wedding Photographer

I met Kayla through one of my best friends, Michelle, a few years ago. If you have followed me for a little bit you know that I have worked with the Coiffeur Collective Salon on so many projects and wedding days. Kayla is Michelle’s number 2 at the salon and we have grown to be so close! So when she asked me to photograph her wedding day I was SO excited!

When she fist told me where their wedding venue was I thought she was joking because I went their on a field trip when I was in elementary school!! Sure enough this beautiful property full of history has the cutest barn perfect for a wedding reception. The Octagonal Barn was definitely a fun venue to explore (with our gold cart) and we had so much fun driving through it for their portrait locations.

Her wedding details were so much fun to photograph! My favorite color is teal so when she gave me her details and I saw her grandmother’s teal ring I freaked out a little! I probably looked crazy to get that excited over a vintage teal ring. Haha! I took more details photos than I normally do on wedding days because everything she brought was so beautiful and unique, I was in heaven!! I love it when my brides plan out their details with me so that I know what is special to them. I also love getting to know my couples so that when I meet their favorite/special family member I can make sure to get a few extra photos of the two together!

This wedding day was so much fun and relaxed but it was also HOT. I love my dedicated July and August couples because extreme heat is tough to work in on a wedding day!! However, this couple had a surprise for their guests! I hinted at their surprise exit in their sneak peek post and I am so excited to finally share it with you!! This was our very first WATER GUN exit! As an engaged couple you are probably thinking “that sounds so fun or yes my summer wedding needs this” but as a photographer I was thinking “water doesn’t mix well with camera equipment”. Our canon gear is water resistant but not 100% waterproof so this exit was going to be a challenge.

With everyone’s cooperation and careful aim we not only made it through the tunnel of water with minimal hits, we captured one of my favorite exit shots of all time!! I had never seen this exit done before but I must say that it’s now one of my favorites and I can’t wait for another summer wedding to do this!! The little kids had so much fun chasing the bride and groom once they made it though the tunnel of guests and Kayla and Derrick were pretty drenched by the end of it. All in all, our first wedding at the Octagonal Barn in Staunton, VIrginia was a success and I can’t wait to see Kayla at my next hair appointment!!

Enjoy my favorites from Derrick and Kayla’s wedding day!

Venue: Octagonal Barn

Hair: Coiffeur Collective

Makeup: Coiffeur Collective

Bridal Bouquet: Rose & Bee

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