Bridal Details Checklist

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Wedding Wednesdays with Em Series

It’s no secret that detail photos are one of my favorites things to photograph on a wedding day. When I first hear about an EHP couple’s wedding day there is always talk of wedding details. A month or so before the wedding day I send out a questionnaire finding out all their details for the day. This helps me finalize the timeline for the beginning of the wedding day.

I usually spend about an hour on just bridal details. I know that may sound a bit extreme but I love creating beautiful detail shots for my bride’s final gallery. In order to take those magazine worthy shots happen, it takes time, very steady hands, and good natural light! So often times I take the details in a room that is well lit with natural light and I’m usually by myself so that I can concentrate. In between shots of details I pop back in the prep space and grab candid shots of the ladies getting ready so I don’t miss any special moments.

It usually takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half for detail shots and then once I am finished it’s usually time for the First Look! My EHP Bride and I discuss the timeline expectations for photography prior to the wedding day so that James and I are prepared for everything and the planner/coordinator knows what to expect from us. The wedding day starts with detail photos so it is so important for me to be organized and quick to set up the day for success! So today I wanted to share a check list for all my EHP Brides so that on their wedding day they can feel prepared and stress free!

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Wedding Dress Hanger

Wedding dress hangers are a super cute way to add a unique touch to your bridal details. Having a nice wooden hanger for your bridesmaids and your wedding gown will give the over all look a more high end magazine worthy photo! I personally think that you and your bridesmaids paid good money for these dresses and I think that using a nice wooden hanger will best represent that (instead of those flimsy plastic ones).

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Heirloom Rings

Special rings from grandmothers, mothers, etc can add a “something old or borrowed” to your list of details. This Heirloom ring shot is one of my favorite detail photos from this wedding. I love hearing about how special these rings are and the person that is important to my EHP Bride.

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I know this is a weird detail to include in your bridal details but for some people smells can bring back memories! I know a few of my brides have splurged to get a nice bottle of perfume just for their wedding day.

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I love all the bling and earrings are of course a favorite for detail photos. I also love the classic “putting on the earrings” bridal portraits. No matter what the latest trends I love the classic pearl earrings! Maybe its because I had pearls on my wedding day??

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All 3 Rings

Ok this might seem like a no brainer but usually the pastor, maid of honor, or best man have the rings. I encourage all of my EHP Brides to keep them in the bag with all of their details. This helps me save so much time on the wedding day so I don’t have to waste time tracking all three of them down. Once I am done I give them to “your person” (usually MOH) to distribute to the rings to the right people.

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I know that shoes can vary on the wedding day. Heels are definitely not practical for the entire wedding day (unless you live in heels and are used to them) but they photograph beautifully! I have had some brides wear these stunning shoes for the ceremony but then switch to more comfortable shoes for the reception. One of my brides planned on wearing beautiful heels but decided to wear her reception shoes for the ceremony (her detail photos looked beautiful with her heels so no one knew she switched!).

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Hair Pieces

Adding a little bling or florals in your bridal look can add a delicate touch to your bridal details! Ask your stylist how you can incorporate a little bling into your bridal updo!

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Invitation Suite

I love including invitation suites in bridal detail photos. Having a custom invitation suite is something most brides have to send to their clients and is one of the details often forgotten! So make sure you save a copy of all the pieces to your suite (If you have pretty stamps include a few of those too!).

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Adding keepsakes and special items that represent loved ones that could not be present on the wedding day is the best way to honor them! I always make sure to get photos of these special items for my couples. This is something that can easily be your something “borrowed or blue”.

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Necklaces & Bracelets

Some wedding dresses have beautiful lace detail that doesn’t allow for necklaces but for those that need just a touch more bling I highly recommend including a necklace! This is something that can easily be your something “borrowed, new, or old”.

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This sounds like another no brainer on the list but I seriously LOVE veils! My personal favorite length veils are fingertip and cathedral! I borrowed my aunt’s beautiful lace scalloped edge fingertip veil for my own wedding! My sister had a stunning lace cathedral veil for her wedding (check out her bridal portraits HERE). This is something that can easily be your something “borrowed, new, or old”.

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Personal Details

Last thing on the list would be unique things like coffee mugs, vow books, special alcohol, love notes, bridal party gifts, etc. The ideas are endless!! These details create a more personal touch to your blog post and final image gallery. I love it when my couples include things that represent who they are and always grab photos of these “extra'“ details.

If you are making a list for your day here is a quick view of the list I made:

  1. Wedding Dress Hanger

  2. Heirloom Rings

  3. Perfume

  4. Earrings

  5. All 3 Rings

  6. Shoes

  7. Hair Pieces

  8. Invitation Suite

  9. Keepsakes

  10. Necklaces & Bracelets

  11. Veil

  12. Personal Details


  1. The week of your wedding day be sure to clean all your jewelry so that it is nice and sparkly for the macro shots! Having clean diamonds and other bling really adds a high end feel to your detail shots and makes your images clean and bright!

  2. Also the week of your wedding, be sure to put ALL of your bridal details in one bag so that nothing is forgotten. The day before your wedding day make it “your person’s” (usually MOH) responsibility to know it's whereabouts. That way when I arrive on your wedding day I can bug them for your collection of details as you enjoy being pampered by your hair and makeup artist!

  3. Groom details: Let’s be real, grooms are not into the details. If you know your future HUSBAND has some details like special socks, shoes, tie, watch, class ring, cufflinks, cologne, alcohol, groomsmen gifts, etc. collect all of those items for him and put in the same bag as yours or his own bag. Make it the best man’s responsibility to keep those items together so when James arrives to the groom’s lounge on the wedding day he can get started on those details!

What is your favorite bridal detail on a wedding day? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time,