A Biltmore Estate Proposal

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Chad + Mehgan | Virginia Wedding Photographer

The Biltmore Estate has got to be one of the most beautiful properties on the east coast. This mansion holds so much US and World history within it’s walls and don’t even get me started on my FAVORITE part of the property, the gardens. James and I toured this property on a field trip many years ago and I remember loving it but going back as an adult I have so much more appreciation for the history, architecture, and experience touring the property as an adult (I know I sound so old now haha). We included some of our favorite parts of the property in the blog too!

This trip, however, was definitely one to remember as we were a part of a special PROPOSAL for two of our best friends! We have only known these two for a short time but we have grown so close! Over the past few years James and I have had the pleasure of making so many friends with our photography business! We love becoming good friends with our couples and these two have become some of our closest!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know these two and to help Chad plan out this amazing proposal! We love capturing proposals and this one is one of our favorites! Chad had amazing ideas and we loved that he chose the Biltmore Estate for this special moment. Mehgan actually helped plan the majority of the trip! She had no idea bless her heart but she literally planned out all the pieces to her proposal! :) She chose the 9am tour for the Estate which allowed us to beat most of the crowd for our photos! I included that info because if you are looking to tour the Estate the earlier the better!! We had a small tour group, the house was cool, and we had no issue with choosing the perfect spot for Chad popping the question.

James and I of course had to have an excuse to be there so we told Mehgan we wanted headshots on the property. We did get headshots done by Mehgan because this property is gorgeous (so keep a look out soon for those soon)! We loved photographing and filming (on our phones) this proposal and have a few tips to share for my future couples getting engaged! On a Wedding Wednesday with Em post coming soon I will be sharing tips and advice for planning proposals. But for now, enjoy a few of my favorites from this Biltmore Estate Proposal!

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