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The Team

We are a husband and wife team located in Lynchburg, VA. Being friends since 6th grade is the secret to our chemistry and workflow at our sessions and on wedding days.

We love getting to know our couples through an engagement session so that on your wedding day you have two friends documenting it all!

We don’t have children (yet) so when we are not working we take our spoiled pups to parks and trails exploring our little town. We are home bodies for sure but a few times each year enjoy traveling somewhere new.

Some days we have conversations with each other just using gifs and memes and have one liners memorized from our favorite tv shows to use at any moment.

“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?” -Kevin Malone (The Office)

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I love to bake all the yummy things and obsess over all things shiplap. So its only fitting my favorite thing to do at home is to bake in my newly renovated shiplap kitchen!

My favorite place on earth is Charleston, SC.

James and I hope to retire there when we are old and grey but until then we will enjoy our family beach trips to the IOP in the summer!

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James is all about the tech-y stuff. He can tell you all about how technology works in cameras, computers, cars, and the latest Apple products!

His dream cars are a Tesla Model S and a Corvette Stingray.

He knows the most random information and if he went on shows like Jeopardy or The Office Trivia (if thats a thing) he would win all the money.

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High energy “lap dogs”

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Kimber is our first fur baby and our rescue pup. Her favorite thing is to play with the water hose and play fetch with anything you throw.

She is our more reserved protective pup who requires a fluffy bed to sleep in. She is so spoiled with her pillows!

Also goes by:


Kimber Timber

Kimothy (James’ favorite)

Kimmy Kim Kim (Emily’s favorite)


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Phoebe is the 90 pound runt of her litter and thinks she’s a tiny lap dog. Her favorite thing is to snuggle on the couch and steal all the attention away from Kimber.

Watch out for her slobbery kisses and her destructive dinosaur tail. She just wants to love!

Also goes by:

Pheeeee Beeee

Phobe (James’ favorite)

Snots (Christmas Vacation anyone?)

BB Girl (Emily’s favorite)


Now that you have met the team, we want to learn more about you!!